Challah at Me!

Like No Other by Una LaMarche One of the ways I’m able to read so many books is because I discovered the awesomeness of the audiobook. Both my school library and our local public library have audiobooks a-plenty via Overdrive that I can download to my phone. When I traded radio listening for audiobooks last… Read More Challah at Me!

Realistic Fiction

Saying Goodbye

Last month, two cooler-than-cool young adult authors– Julie Buxbaum and Jeff Zentner– stopped by one of our local library branches on a tour, and I totally fangirled it. Julie wrote one of the most heartfelt books I read last year called, Tell Me Three Things, and she FaceTimed with our teachers’ summer book club after… Read More Saying Goodbye


Boxing Beasts

My first official plot driven experience can only be described as “bad-ass.” After unintentionally reading two books in two months about characters who box, I knew I had to try out a boxing class at a local gym. It was no walk in the park, people. Two days later, I still feel like an arthritic… Read More Boxing Beasts