Historical Fiction, Romance

Finding Joy

Hamilton Frenzy Have you succumbed to the Alexander Hamilton frenzy? Do you belt out the show tunes in the shower, and are you willing to give a left arm for a ticket to the Broadway show? I’d like to keep my left arm, but this week’s book crush may have me calling in all kinds… Read More Finding Joy

Realistic Fiction, Romance

RAKtivists Unite

This Raging Light by Estelle Laure I finished seven books on my recent vacation, and several of them were really stellar. One of the books I ate right up was This Raging Light by Estelle Laure. This book is a 2017-18 Gateway Nominee, and if this doesn’t sound familiar to you, read more about the… Read More RAKtivists Unite


Challah at Me!

Like No Other by Una LaMarche One of the ways I’m able to read so many books is because I discovered the awesomeness of the audiobook. Both my school library and our local public library have audiobooks a-plenty via Overdrive that I can download to my phone. When I traded radio listening for audiobooks last… Read More Challah at Me!